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Wonderful Tool or Terrible Weapon?
One often hears godly teachers expounding on the power of music to reach our minds and hearts with the truth of the gospel. Of course, music can also powerfully reinforce many things that do not reflect the values of God's kingdom and the gospel of His grace. Music is such a great gift, but one that must be used with care—even caution. Today’s WORSHIP QUOTE is a version of this same argument by pastor-author Warren Wiersbe.

I am convinced that congregations learn more theology (good and bad) from the songs they sing than from the sermons they hear. Many sermons are doctrinally sound and contain a fair amount of biblical information, but they lack that necessary emotional content that gets hold of the listener's heart. Music, however, reaches the mind and the heart at the same time. It has power to touch and move the emotions, and for that reason can become a wonderful tool in the hands of the Spirit or a terrible weapon in the hands of the Adversary.

Warren W. Wiersbe, REAL WORSHIP: PLAYGROUND, BATTLEGROUND, OR HOLY GROUND? Second edition, Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2000, p. 137. ISBN-13: 978-0801061899.

[Wiersbe's distinguished career includes serving as the pastor of Chicago's Moody Church, an educator at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, author for Youth for Christ, director of the Back to the Bible radio program, and professor of preaching at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary. He has written over 100 books.]

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