The Worship Quote of the Week for (10/24/2006):

Today’s WORSHIP QUOTE is from Arthur Bennett’s THE VALLEY OF VISION. In this prayer, the author praises God for being the architect of new birth. How wonderful—desperately sinful lives turned around for the glory of God. [I trust that the archaic language found herein for thee a hindrance will not be.]

Bob Kauflin has written a modern worship song ("O Great God") based on this same VALLEY OF VISION prayer. For a demo recording, free lead sheet and chord chart, go to Scroll down until you find "O Great God." I think you will be blessed.

Songwriter Bob Kauflin of Sovereign Grace Ministries will be my guest for the Institute for Christian Worship Lectures, October 24-26, 2006, in Louisville, Kentucky. All are welcome. See the information below for lecture titles and more information.


Occupy the throne of my heart,
take full possession and reign supreme,
lay low every rebel lust,
let no vile passion resist thy holy war;
manifest thy mighty power,
and make me thine for ever.
Thou art worthy to be
praised with my every breath,
loved with my every faculty of soul,
served with my every act of life.
Thou has loved me, espoused me, received me,
purchased, washed, favoured, clothed,
adorned me,
when I was worthless, vile, soiled, polluted.
I was dead in iniquities,
having no eyes to see thee,
no ears to hear thee,
no taste to relish thy joys,
no intelligence to know thee;
But thy Spirit has quickened me.
has brought me into a new world as a
new creature,
has given me spiritual perception,
has opened to me thy Word as light, guide,
solace, joy.
Thy presence is to me a treasure of unending peace;
No provocation can part me from thy sympathy,
for thou has drawn me with the cords of love,
and dost forgive me daily, hourly.
O help me then to walk worthy of thy love,
of my hopes, and my vocation.
Keep me, for I cannot keep myself;
Protect me that no evil befall me;
Let me lay aside every sin admired of many;
Help me to walk by thy side, lean on thy arm,
hold converse with thee,
That henceforth I may be salt of the earth
and a blessing to all.

—Arthur Bennett, editor. THE VALLEY OF VISION: A COLLECTION OF PURITAN PRAYERS AND DEVOTIONS. Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Banner of Truth Trust, 2003 (first published in 1975), p. 84. ISBN 0-85151-821-4.

Bob Kauflin serves as director of worship development for Sovereign Grace Ministries, and as a pastor and worship leader at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Using Covenant Life Church as a base, Bob gives himself primarily to three areas: Training pastors and worship leaders in the theology and practice of worship, leading others to exalt and encounter God in corporate worship, and participating in recording projects through Sovereign Grace Ministries. He is the author of WORSHIP MATTERS blog at
Tuesday, October 24, 2006
10:00 A.M., Worship Leadership at Chapel
12:00 P.M., "Piano Stylings for Effective Leadership in Contemporary Worship"
1:00 P.M., "Healthy Tensions in Corporate Worship"

Thursday, October 26, 2006
10:00 A.M., Worship Leadership at Chapel
12:00 P.M., "Vocal Arranging for Effective Leadership in Contemporary Worship"
1:00 P.M., "Congregational Worship as Pastoral Care"
All lectures will be posted at
Bob Kauflin will also be speaking at Clifton Baptist Church on Wednesday, October 25, 6:30 P.M. He will be teaching from Colossians 3, "Why We Sing."

Have a great week,

Chip Stam
Director, Institute for Christian Worship
School of Church Music and Worship
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky

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