The Worship Quote of the Week for (02/21/2006):

Restless Hearts Find Rest in God
Today's WORSHIP QUOTE is a great one from THE CONFESSIONS of St. Augustine. As a bonus, you can hear a terrific setting of these same ideas in a jazz number by the Jason Harms Quintet (see below).

You are great, Lord, and greatly to be praised. Great is your power, and of your wisdom there is no end. And man, who is part of what you have created, desires to praise you. Yes, even though he carries his mortality wherever he goes, as the proof of his sin and the testimony of your justice, man desires to praise you. For you have stirred up his heart so that he takes pleasure in praising you. You have created us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.

— Augustine of Hippo (354-430). THE HARPERCOLLINS BOOK OF PRAYERS, comp. by Robert van de Weyer (New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1993), p. 43. As collected in BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH: PRAYERS AND REFLECTIONS THAT CELEBRATE AN INTIMATE GOD, compiled and edited by Ken Gire (New York: HarperCollins, 1997), p. 72. ISBN 0-06-063046-9.

If you enjoy jazz, please take a moment and listen to “The Sovereign Joy” by the Jason Harms Quintet. They have generously made a music link available at (click on “6. The Sovereign Joy”). I am so delighted that Jason and the group will be my guests for lectures and a concert in Louisville, Kentucky, on February 21-22. For details and a color flyer, please see

THE CONFESSIONS—Book One, Chapter One
Magnus es, domine, et laudabilis valde: magna virtus tua, et sapientiae tuae non est numerus. et laudare te vult homo, aliqua portio creaturae tuae, et homo circumferens mortalitem suam, circumferens testimonium peccati sui et testimonium, quia superbis resistis: et tamen laudare te vult homo, aliqua portio creaturae tuae.tu excitas, ut laudare te delectet, quia fecisti nos ad te et inquietum est cor nostrum, donec requiescat in te.

Have a great week,

Chip Stam
Director, Institute for Christian Worship
School of Church Music and Worship
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky

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