The Worship Quote of the Week for (01/01/2006):

Latin Mottos for Colleges and Universities
Here is a working list of Latin mottos for colleges and universities. If you see an omission or an error, please send a note to me at

College Name (date founded)/ Latin motto/ English translation

Amherst College, 1821/ Terras irradient / Let them illumine the earth, They enlightened the lands
Anderson University/Veritas, fidelitas, utilitas/Truth, faith, usefulness
Appalachian State University/ Esse quam videri/ To be rather than to seem
Asbury College/ Eruditio et religio/For learning and religion (spiritual vitality)
Baylor University/Pro ecclesia, pro texana/For the church and for Texas
Bellamine (College) University/ In Veritatis Amore / In love of truth.
Belmont College Universty// Latin /From here to Anywhere
Bob Jones University/Petimus, credimus/We seek, we trust
Boston College/Greek phrase from Homerís Iliad/ Ever to excel
Brigham Young University/ "The Glory of God is Intelligence" or "Enter to learn, go forth to serve" or "The world is our campus"
Brooklyn College/ Nil sine magno labore / Nothing without great effort
Brown University, 1764/ In Deo Speramus /In God we trust
Bryn Mawr College/ Veritatem dilexi / I love the truth
Calvin College/ Cor meum tibi offero Domine, Prompte et sincere/My heart I offer you, Lord, promptly and sincerely
Campbell University, 1887 (Buies Creek, NC)/ Ad astra per aspera/ To the stars through difficulties
Campblesville Univesity/ No Latin motto but seal reads / Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship
Carson -Newman / _____/ TRUTH, BEAUTY AND GOODNESS.
Cedarville University (Ohio, 1887)/ Pro corona et foedere Christi/ For the Crown and the covenant of Christ
Centre College (Danville, KY, 1819)/ Doctrina lux mentis/ Learning, the Light of the Mind
City College of New York/ Respice, adspice, prospice / Look back, look to the present, look to the future
Clearwater Christian College/ Animos et spirito parati/ Prepared in mind and soul
College of New Jersey (for 150 years) later Princeton/Vitam mortuis reddo/I restore life to the dead
Columbia University, 1754/ In lumine tuo videbimus lumen / In thy light, we shall see light
Concordia College, Moorhead, MN - Soli Deo Gloria/ To God Alone Be the Glory
Dartmouth/ Voces (Vox) Clamantium in Deserto/ A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
Davidson College/ Alenda lux ubi orta libertas/ Let learning flourish where liberty has arisen.
Delaware College/ Scientia sol mentis / Knowledge, the sun of the mind
Dordt College, 1955/ Soli Deo Gloria/To God Alone Be the Glory
Duke University/Eruditio et religio/For learning and religion
Eastern Nazarene College (Quincy, MA)/Via, Veritas, Vita/ The Way, the Truth, the Life
Emory University, 1836/ Cor prudentis possidebit scientiam/ The heart of the prudent one will possess knowledge (Proverbs 18:15)
Florida State University/ Vires artes mores / Strength, Skill, Customs
Fordham University/ Sapientia et doctrina / Wisdom and learning
Geneva College (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania) /Pro Christ et patria/For Christ and country
George Washington University/ Deus nobis fiducia/ God is our trust
Georgetown College (Georgetown, KY), 1829 / _____/ _____
Georgetown University, 1789/ Utraque Unum/ Both and One
Guildord College (Greensboro, 1837/88)/ molior sapientiam et virtutem/ I strive for wisdom and virtue
Florida State University/Vires, Artes, Mores/ Strength, skill, character
Fordham University/ Sapientia et doctrina/ Wisdom and knowledge
Furman University (Greenville, SC)/Christo et doctrine/ For Christ and his doctrines
Harvard University (1650) /In Christi Gloriam/ In the Glory of Christ
Harvard University (1692) /Christo et ecclesiae/ For Christ and the Church)
Harvard University (later)/Veritas /Truth
Hillsdale College (Michigan) Virtus tentamine gaudet/ Strength rejoices in the challenge
Hope College (Holland, MI, 1862)/ Spera in Deo/ Hope in God (Psalm 42:5)
Hunter College/ Mihi cura futuri / My anxiety is for the future
Indiana University/Lux et veritas/Light and truth
John Brown University/ / _____/ Christ over All
Johns Hopkins University/ Veritas vos liberabit / Truth will free you
Judson College/ Christus lux mundi/Christ, the Light of the World
Kalamazoo College/ Lux esto / Be Light
Kentucky State University (1886) / ______ /Onward and Upward
Kenyon College/Magnanim iter crucem sustine/A noble journey sustains the cross
King College (Bristol, TN), 1867/Ecclesiae et litteris/For the Church and learning
Lander University/Greenwood, SC/ Puritas et Scientia/ Purity and Knowledge
Lenoir-Rhyne College (Hickory, NC) /Greek motto/The Truth shall make you free
Loyola University of New Orleans (formerly Loyola University of the South)/ Deo et patriae/ For God and Homeland
Luther College (Decorah, Iowa), 1861/ Soli Deo Gloria/To God alone the glory/ and VERBUM DEI MANET IN AETERNUM/ The Word of God endures forever
Miami University (Ohio)/Prodesse quam conspici/Produce without being conspicuous
Morehouse College (Atlanta)/ Et Facta Est Lux/ And There Was Light
Nebraska Wesleyan University/Pro Chisto et ecclesia/For Christ and the church
New York University/ Perstare et praestare / To preserve and to surpass
North Greensville University (SC) / _____ / Christ makes the difference
Notre Dame University (Lebanon)/ crux spes unica/ The cross is the only hope
Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)/ Occidens proximus Orienti/ The West is nearest the East
Ohio Wesleyan University Delaware/ In Lumine tuo videbimus lumen/ In Your Light We Shall See Light
Olivet Nazarene University/Justitia Veritas/ ______
Oxford University/ Dominus Illuminatio Mea/ The Lord is my light
Pomona College/Our Tribute to Christian Civilization
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)/ Alis grave nil/ Nothing is heavy for one who has wings
Princeton University/ Dei sub numine viget/ Under God's power she flourishes
Queens College of the City of new York/ Disci's ut serviamus/We learn in order to serve
Randolph-Macon Woman's College (Lynchburg, VA)/Vita abundantior/ Life more abundant
Rutgers University (NJ), 1766, State University of New Jersey/ Sol iustitiae et occidentem illustra/ Sun of righteousness, shine upon the West also
St. Olaf College/ Fram! Fram! Kristmenn, Krossmen (Norwegian)/ Forward! Forward! Men of Christ, Men of the Cross
St. John's College (Annapolis)/ Facio liberos ex liberi libris libraque / _____
Salem College (now Salem-Teikyo University, Salem WV)/Dirigo
Samford University/ Deo et doctrinae/ For God and Doctrine (1841 as Howard College)
Silliman University (Philippines)/ Via,Veritas,Vita/The Way, the Truth, the Life
Southern Methodist University/ Veritas Liberabit Vos / The Truth Shall Set You Free
State University of New York-Albany/Sapientia et sua et docendi causa/Wisdom for its own sake and for teaching
State University of New York (Buffalo)/ Spe / _____
Stetson University/Pro Deo et Veritate/For God and Truth
Syracuse University/ Suos cultores scientia coronat/Knowledge crowns those who seek her
Taylor University/Lux et Fides/Light and Truth
Trevecca Nazarene University/ Esse quam videri/ To be rather than to seem
Trinity College/ Pro ecclesia et patria / For church and country
Tulane/Non sibi sed suis/(not for himself but for others) Pelican
Union College (Schenectady, NY)/ Sous les lois de Minerve nous devenons tous freres/ Under the laws of Minerva we all become brothers
Union University (Jackson, Tenn.)/ Religio et eruditio/For religion and learning
United States Air Force Academy/ Pax in tempore nostro/ Peace in our time
University of Aberdeen/ Initium sapientiae timor domini The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom
University of Alberta/Quaecumque vera/Whatsoever things are true
University of California/Fiat Lux/Let there be light
University of Chicago/ Crescat scientia, vita excolatur/ May knowledge grow from more to more and so be human life enriched
University of Florida/ Civium in moribus rei publicae salus / In the character of its citizens lies the welfare of the state
University of Hong Kong/ Sapientia et Virtus/ Wisdom and Virtue
University of Michigan/Artes, scientia, veritas /art, science, truth
University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Pro scientia et sapientia / For knowledge and wisdom
University of Mississippi/ Virtute et armis/ By valour and arms
University of Missouri/ Salus populi / The welfare of the people
University of Nebraska/ Litteris dedicata omnibus artibus
University of New Mexico/ Lux hominum vita/ Light of the life of men
University of North Carolina/Lux et Libertas/Light and Liberty
University of North Dakota/ Lux et lex / Light and Law
University of Notre Dame/Vita, dulcedo, spes/Life, sweetness, hope (from the Marian chant, SALVE REGINA)
University of Oregon/ Mens agitat molem / The Mind Moves the Mass
University of Pennsylvania/ Leges sine moribus vanae/ Laws without morals are useless
University of Portland/Veritas vos liberabit/The truth will make you free
University of Redlands/Deus et Lux/God and Light
University of Rochester/ Meliora / _____
University of San Diego/ Emitte Spiritum Tuum/ Send Forth Thy Spirit (Psalm 130:30)
University of Southern California (USC)/palmam qui meruit ferat/Let him who has earned it bear the reward
University of Texas at Austin/
University of Texas/ Disciplina praesidium civitatis/ Instruction is the safeguard of the state
University of the South/Ecce quam bonum/Behold how good (Psalm 133)
University of Toledo/ Coadyuvando El Presente, Formando El Porvenir/ Helping the present; Forming the future
University of Toronto/Velut Arbor Aevo/ As a tree with the passage of time
University of Vermont/ Studiis et rebus honestis / For Things and Studies That Are Honest
University of Washington/ Lux sit / Let there be light
Valparaiso University, 1859 / In luce tua videmus lucem/ In Thy light we see light
Victoria College Multitudo Sapientium sanitas Orbis/ A multitude of the wise is the health of the world (Wisdom of Solomon 6:24)
Virginia Military Institute/ Concilio et Animas/By Wisdom and Courage
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University/ Ut Prosim/ That I may serve
Wake Forest University /Pro humanitate/ For humanity
Washington and Lee Univesity/ Non Incautus Futuri/ Not Unmindful of the Future
Washington University of St. Louis, 1853/ Per veritatem vis/ Strength through truth
Wellesley, 1870/ Non ministrari sed ministrare/ Not to be served but to serve
Westminster Choir College/ Spectemur agendo/ Let us be judged by our deeds
Westmont College, 1937/ Christus Primatum Tenens/ Holding Christ Preeminent
Wheaton College/Christos et regno ejus/For Christ and His kingdom
William Jewell College/Deo fisus labora/Trust in God and work
Willamette University (Salem, OR)/Non Nobis Solum nati sumus/ Not unto ourselves alone are we born
Wilmington College of Ohio/ non saltu sed multis gradibus/ not by a leap but by many steps
Wofford/Intaminatis fulget honoribus/Untarnished she shines with honor
Yale Universtiy, 1701/ Lux et Veritas / Light and Truth
York University/ Tentanda via/ The Way Must Be Tried