The Worship Quote of the Week for (10/25/2005):

Mocking God
Today’s WORSHIP QUOTE is from the quill of a Stephen Charnock, a seventeenth-century pastor/scholar who wrote extensively on the attributes of God.

To pretend homage to God and intend only the advantage to myself is rather to mock God than to worship Him. When we believe we ought to be satisfied rather than God glorified, we set God below ourselves and imagine that He should submit His own honor to our advantages.

—Stephen Charnock (1628-1680), THE EXISTENCE AND ATTRIBUTES OF GOD. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1996. ISBN: 0801011124.

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[This is not to say that Christians do not find great satisfaction in the worship of Almighty God, our awesome Creator and Redeemer who “saved a wretch like Me”; but the litmus test for the Lord’s magnificence is not my understanding or enjoyment of it. I agree with Charnock—-we do well to fix our gaze on God rather than on our advantage in being counted among his people. Gladly, God’s glory and our satisfaction in Him are not mutually exclusive realities. See John Piper's slant on this tension at]

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