The Worship Quote of the Week for (07/05/2005):

A Singing Faith
Today’s WORSHIP QUOTE is from a new book that it is not yet published. Reggie Kidd presents a biblical theology of song—but more. The author offers a personal testimony and a pastoral challenge concerning the power of song in life and in the Christian community.

Authentic Christian faith is not merely believed. Nor is it merely acted upon. It is sung—with utter joy sometimes, in uncontrollable tears sometimes, but it is sung. “Words and music did for me what solid, even rigorous, religious argument could never do, they introduced me to God, not belief in God, more an experiential sense of GOD”—that’s the way Bono, lead singer of the band U2, puts it.

What is it about singing that takes us beyond mere belief or behavior?

Think of singing as a language that allows us to embody our love for our Creator. Song is a means he has given us to communicate our deepest affections, to have our thoughts exquisitely shaped, and to have our spirits braced for the boldest of obediences. Through music, our God draws us deeper into a love affair with himself.

— Reggie Kidd, from WITH ONE VOICE: DISCOVERING CHRIST’S SONG IN OUR WORSHIP, Grand Rapids: Baker Books, forthcoming in October 2005. ISBN: 0801065917. For more information on Dr. Kidd and WITH ONE VOICE, visit Although not yet released, the book can be pre-ordered at

[WITH ONE VOICE has helped me to understand more deeply that our songs of faith resonate most fully—most Christianly—when believing communities draw on the strengths of high culture, folk culture, and popular culture. As I grow in intimacy with the Savior, I see more clearly the joys and blessings of deferring to the needs and aesthetic preferences of my brothers and sisters within the body of Christ. Highly recommended.]

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Chip Stam
Director, Institute for Christian Worship
School of Church Music and Worship
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky

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