The Worship Quote of the Week for (06/07/2005):

The Great Exhange of Worship
Today’s WORSHIP QUOTE is from a brand new book by Noel Due. The theme is the centrality of worship for human existence.

Human beings were created to worship God and to express their devotion to him in obedient faith. Where this worship is abandoned, the result is not a state of “no worship,” but a state of “false worship.”

For a human being there can be no vacuum of non-worship. One is either submitted to God in the doing of his will and the glorifying of his name, or one is submitted to someone, or something else. The error described in Romans 1:18ff., is not the NEGLECT of worship, but the EXCHANGE of worship. Men and women are inveterate worshipers. Worship belongs to their essential structure. The expression of human sin is that the worship for which they were created is exchanged for idolatrous worship. They sin, not by NOT worshiping, but by worshiping wrongly. “Human unrighteousness most fundamentally consists in a refusal to worship God and a desire to worship that which is in the created order. Unrighteousness involves the refusal to give God his proper sovereignty in one’s life” (quoting Tom Schreiner’s ROMANS, Baker Books, 1998, p. 88).

— Noel Due, from CREATED FOR WORSHIP: FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION TO YOU, Scotland: Mentor Imprints, 2005, p. 27. ISBN 1-84550-026-1 (

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