The Worship Quote of the Week for (10/26/2004):

Concentration in Prayer
Do your thoughts sometimes wander during times of private or corporate worship? Today’s WORSHIP QUOTE is a delightful and hard-hitting lesson from the animal kingdom. Our teacher is Martin Luther (with the help of his dog Tölpel).

When Luther’s puppy happened to be at the table, looked for a morsel from his master, and watched with open mouth and motionless eyes, he [Martin Luther] said, “Oh, if I could only pray the way this dog watches the meat! All his thoughts are concentrated on the piece of meat. Otherwise he has no thought, wish, or hope.”
— May 18, 1532, Number 274

—Martin Luther (1483-1546) as recorded by Veit Dietrich in TABLE TALK, Volume 54 of LUTHER’S WORKS: AMERICAN EDITION, edited and translated by Theodore G. Tappert. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1967, pp. 37-38. ISBN: 0-8006-0354-0.

TABLE TALKS is an extensive collection of notes taken by students and friends as they shared meals with Professor Luther. This selection is written by Veit Dietrich, a student who lived in Luther’s home and recorded many of the mealtime conversations between 1531 and 1533. Interested readers can find selections of TABLE TALK on the Internet at

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