The Worship Quote of the Week for (04/08/2003):

Christ-Centered Worship
Today’s WORSHIP QUOTE reminds us that there can be no Christian worship
without a focus on the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Author
Timothy Ralston is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Without submission to the Lord Jesus Christ, there can be no relationship
with the Father and no participation in the covenant. Without the Lord’s
presence through the person of God the Holy Spirit in the hearts of his
submitted people, a service of worship finds no acceptance with God. Worship
must not become enraptured with the worshiper’s ambitions or experience. It
must move beyond mere deism or even theism in its statements about God and
praises to God. It must not be content with sentimentalism that
overemphasizes or misrepresents the fullness of his character. Overall it
must see the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and focus on God through the covenant
established in the Incarnate Word. In this way, worship that is anything less
than Christocentric within the framework of Divine Triunity may be something,
but it is certainly not "Christian."

—Timothy J. Ralston, from "Scripture in Worship: An Indispensable Symbol of
APPLYING ITS TRUTH, Herbert W. Bateman, general editor (Grand Rapids: Hope
Kregel Publications, 2002), pp. 208-209. ISBN 0-8254-2092-x

[This is a wonderful book. I hope you can find a copy.]

Have a great week.

Chip Stam
Director, Institute for Christian Worship
School of Church Music and Worship
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky