The Worship Quote of the Week for (07/30/2002):

Where's the Focus?
Todayís WORSHIP QUOTE reminds us of the appropriate focus for biblical
worship. The author is Donald Whitney.

Since worship is focusing on and responding to God, regardless of what else
we are doing we are not worshiping if we are not thinking about God. You may
be listening to a sermon, but without thinking of how Godís truth applies to
your life and affects your relationship with Him, you arenít worshiping. You
may be singing "Holy, holy, holy," but if you arenít thinking about God while
singing it, you are not worshiping. You may be listening to someone pray, but
if you arenít thinking of God and praying with them, you arenít worshiping.
There is a sense in which all things done in obedience to the Lord, even
everyday things at work and at home, are acts of worship. But these things
are not substitutes for the direct worship of God.

Worship often includes words and actions, but it goes beyond them to the
FOCUS of the mind and heart. Worship is the God-centered focus and response
of the inner man: it is being preoccupied with God. So no matter what you are
saying or singing or doing at any moment, you are worshiping God only when
you are focused on Him and thinking of Him. But whenever you do focus on the
infinite worth of God, you will respond in worship as surely as the moon
reflects the sun. This kind of worship isnít in vain.

5, "Worship . . . For the Purpose of Godliness." Colorado Springs: NavPress,
2002, p. 86-87. ISBN 1-57683-330-5

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