The Worship Quote of the Week for (12/16/1997):

Who's in Whom?
Today's WORSHIP QUOTE looks at two views of our relationship with the Lord.
Question: Is it "God in the believer" or "the believer in God," or both?

First, "the believer's heart in God":

"Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord,
and our hearts are restless until they find
their rest in thee."
-St. Augustine (354-430),

And second, "God in the believer's heart."

"Let every heart prepare him room."
-Isaac Watts (1674-1748),
from "Joy to the World," his paraphrase of Psalm 98.

[Interesting to think about the two sides of this coin. During our Advent
worship we pray (in song) that HE may find room prepared in OUR HEARTS.
St. Augustine saw the need for OUR HEARTS to find their rest IN HIM. Both are
true for me. It makes me think of the word "abide": he in me, I in him.]

Have a great week,

Chip Stam

BONUS: Unabashed Advertising

Anyone within 50 miles of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is certainly invited
to attend the December concert of the Chapel Hill Carrboro Community Chorus,
under the baton of Carl "Chip" Stam, the worship quote guy. The performance
will feature two exciting works, Vivaldi's GLORIA and Benjamin Britten's
cantata SAINT NICOLAS. I can't tell you when I have been more excited about a
holiday performance. Below is the vital information:


Chapel Hill Carrboro Community Chorus (90 voices)
& Musica Chamber Orchestra
with the Saint Nicolas Children's Choir (24 voices)

Carl Stam, conductor

Vivaldi 's GLORIA
Doris Stam, soprano
Elizabeth Linnartz, soprano
Caryl Price, alto

Benjamin Britten's SAINT NICOLAS, Opus 42
Stafford Wing, tenor, in the title role

This is a highly dramatic and deeply moving 45-minute
cantata for tenor solo, mixed choir, children's choir,
and orchestra. The cantata tells the story of the
fourth century Nicolas who became Bishop of Myra and
was noted for his many deeds in care of the poor and the
oppressed. The many legends of Saint Nicolas, an early
Christian pastor, eventually evolved into part of our
celebration of Christ's birth. He is the patron-saint
of children, seamen, travelers, Russia, and Greece.
This is not really a piece about Santa Claus.

The concert will conclude with festival carols for choir, orchestra, and

8:00 PM Thursday, December 18, 1997
University United Methodist Church
Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
(next door to Morehead Planetarium)

Admission: $7, ($5 for children 12 and under)