The Worship Quote of the Week for (09/30/1997):

Worship of the Work
Today's WORSHIP QUOTE OF THE WEEK comes from the devotional classic by Oswald

Beware of any work for God which enables you to evade concentration on Him.
A great many Christian workers worship their work. The one concern of a
worker should be concentration on God, and this will mean that all the other
margins of life, mental, moral and spiritual, are free with the freedom of a
child, a worshipping child, not a wayward child. A worker without this solemn
dominant note of concentration on God is apt to get his work on his neck;
there is no margin of body, mind or spirit free, consequently he becomes
spent out and crushed. There is no freedom, no delight in life; nerves, mind
and heart are so crushingly burdened that God's blessings cannot rest. But
the other side is just as true-when once the concentration is on God, all the
margins of life are free and under the dominance of God alone.

-Oswald Chambers, MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST, Barbour & Company
( Selected mostly from talks given during the
years 1911-1915, these devotionals were first published in 1935 by Dodd, Mead
& Co., renewed in 1963 by Oswald Chambers Publication Association, Ltd.

Have a great week,

Chip Stam