The Worship Quote of the Week for (09/17/1996):

"All Things Are Yours, My God"
This WORSHIP QUOTE is a hymn on the theme of stewardship. Based on 1
Corinthians 3:21-4:2, the poem deals with the response of the creature in the
presence of the Creator - a response of gratitude expressing itself in
worship and service. Notice the last stanza in which the voice of God is
heard, "All things are yours, My child."


All things are Yours, my God,
Creator of all that exists,
all wisdom, all beauty, and might.
You made me, You own me,
Your glory surrounds me;
I live by your mercy and love.
All things are Yours, and so am I.

All things are Yours, my Lord,
Redeemer of all who have sinned,
new Master of all who repent.
You sought me, You found me,
You call me, You lead me;
now have me live only for You.
All things are Yours, and so am I.

All things are Yours, my Guide,
Renewer and Giver of life,
Transformer of hearts and of minds.
Renew me, transform me,
inspire me, refine me,
and give me the spirit of Christ.
All things are Yours, and so am I.

"All things are yours, My child,
so live like the heir that you are,
entrusted with all that you have.
Be faithful, be prudent,
be daring, be caring,
as giving as I am toward you.
All things are yours, and you are Mine."

by Jaroslav Vajda c1989
from *SO MUCH TO SING ABOUT*: Hymns, Carols, and Songs (Morning Star
Publishers Music Publishers, 1991)

The hymn is found in a beautiful choral setting by Carl Schalk (Morning Star
Music Publishers, MSM-50-9032). We use it with the entire congregation
singing (choir alone on verse 3). The lines that "get me" every time are
God's words of comfort and challenge, "All things are yours, My child,/so
live like the heir that you are."

Have a great week. After all, "ALL THINGS ARE YOURS."

Chip Stam