The Worship Quote of the Week for (06/18/1996):

"Life Speaks Louder"
This Worship Quote of the Week is another prayer/poem by Ulrich Schaffer.


Lord, be merciful,
shut me up
when my life
speaks so much louder
than my words.

When we blunder through life,
golden-throated and silver-spooned,
bungling it all,
be merciful, Lord,
shut us up.

Let us feel our own lies.

- Ulrich Schaffer, from GREATER THAN OUR HEARTS: PRAYERS AND REFLECTIONS, Harper & Row, 1981

[Confession is telling God (our Abba, Father) the truth about our sin; but
too often we live as if we have no need for his forgiveness. What a odd
blessing when God uses the pain of our "blundering" and "bungling" to bring
us to our knees and draw us back into a proper relationship with him! See
Psalm 51 and Isaiah 1:10-18.]

Have a great week,
Chip Stam