The Worship Quote of the Week for (04/16/1996):

"You Are Sufficient"
Today's WORSHIP QUOTE is a modern prayer/poem. I guess we could call it a


Jesus I come to rest
in the knowledge
that you are all I need.

When I am sad
I place my sadness on you
and I am comforted.

When I am happy
I throw my joy toward you
and you double it.

When I am searching
I come to you
and find.

When I am bound
I hold my chains out to you
and you release me even if my chains remain.

You are sufficient
because you completely surround me.
I need nothing else.

---- by Ulrich Schaffer, in "Greater Than Our Hearts: Prayers and
Reflections" Harper and Row, 1981.

[This poem actually reminds me of "Psalm 23." Why not try your hand today at
a personal prayer/poem. It doesn't have to rhyme and you don't even have to
show it to anyone.]

Have a great week,
Chip Stam