The Worship Quote of the Week for (01/30/1996):

The Practice of Prayer
This week the WQOTW deals with personal, not corporate worship and is taken
from the Introduction to Kenneth Boa's HANDBOOK FOR PRAYER: PRAYING
SCRIPTURE BACK TO GOD (Trinity House Publishers, 1993).

Spiritual growth is impossible apart from the practice of prayer. Just as
the key to enhanced relationships with other people is time spent in
communication, so the key to a growing relationship with the personal God of
heaven and earth is time invested in speaking to Him in prayer and listening
to His voice in Scripture.

As central as these twin disciplines of prayer and Scripture are to our
spiritual life, most believers in Christ are frustrated by hit-or-miss
approaches to both. As a result, their time in prayer and the word can become
unsatisfying, routine, and even boring. It is no surprise, then, that most
people spend a minimal amount of time in either of these disciplines and fail
to develop intimacy with the One for whom they were created. The problem with
prayer is heightened by the fact that people often succumb either to the
extreme of all form and no freedom, or the opposite extreme of all freedom
and no form. The first extreme leads to a rote or impersonal approach to
prayer, while the second produces an unbalanced and undisciplined prayer life
that can degenerate into a litany of one 'gimme' after another.

[My wife gave me this book for Christmas. It has been a wonderful help to me
in my prayer life. For information call 1-800-DRAW NEA(R), (372-9632)].

Have a great week,